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Rafting Bike - The Soft Downhill Bike Tour

The Rafting Bike is a half day excursion consisting in a drive by minibus up to the National Park of Mount Teide, one hour, an extensive visit to the National Park, approx. another 45 mins, and a ride down on a bicycle in a guided group, followed by a support car, always on surfaced roads and at a limited speed, making frequent stops for some 25 miles until we reach the coast.

We will stop to see the volcanoes, caverns, forests, villages and banana plantations, and we will also stop for tapas & drinks at a fantastic village tavern.

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Rent a Bike - Rent a Motorbike

You have taken the right decision: To visit Tenerife. The island of Tenerife offers so many things to see, so many interesting places to visit, and so many things to experience that we have had a hard time to choose what to see & do in only a half day, or even in one day.

One of the best climates in the world is better enjoyed directly, not sitting inside a glass and metal box. Therefore: To discover the resort, rent a Bike! To discover the National Park and the West Coast, join the RAFTING BIKES !And to discover the whole island, rent a Motorbike!

Rafting Bike - Details

Pick up will be by minibus outside your Hotel or apartment, generally @ 10,00 am. The maximum size of our group is 5 persons, so on the way up you will get the chance to get direct insights into a lot of local features. We will include a stop at a village 5.000 ft. high where we will visit a local bar which is also a small museum with many traditional and vintage artifacts and tools that will delight you. This ride up will take approx. 60 mins.
After reaching the plateau of Teide, we will first tour the National Park for some 45 mins., (You cannot leave Tenerife without a selfie in front of Teide!) and then, where the road starts its downhill slope, we will take the bikes and start the downhill ride.
You will be instructed in some simple “do’s and don’ts” and will be provided with a two-way radio, a helmet, a high visibility jacket and gloves (Please see “notes” at the end of this).
The ride down will be done in a group, following the indications of the Guide, at a comfortable speed and making several stops. One of the stops will be at a village tavern where we will taste the local wine and some delicious “Tapas”. Since it is all downhill, there will be no pedaling, your only effort will be to pull the brake levers, and that, not even all the way!
After some two and a half hours (depending on the speed of the day) we will reach the coast at a beautiful seaside village, where we will board again the minibus to get back home.
Dress: In summer, same as you wear around the resort, but with shoes, tennis or other, that cover your toes. NO beach sandals.
In winter, preferably long or zip trousers, also shoes that cover your toes and socks. We carry windbreaker jackets and leggings, and pullovers, but remember that in the mountains for the first half of the ride it will almost certainly be COLD. No beachwear please
Children: If too small to ride a small adult bike, please let us know the age to bring the right size bikes. Non-riding passengers: Can sit in the minibus on the way down and pay child price. If at any moment you decide not to go on with the ride, you can also sit in the minibus. (You won’t be the first, nor the last!)

How it all started and why we call it "Rafting" if no rivers are involved?

The original idea behind the Rafting Bikes was to create, using the slopes of Tenerife’s mountains, a giant slide, about 2-3 miles long, where both young and adults could enjoy a ride in some type of sledge. Back in 1.999 I started investigating all the nearby mountains, doing miles and miles up and down in my jeep, trying to find the right place to build the toboggan. At the same time I used to take my children, then aged 10 and 6, on Sundays for some bike rides on dirt roads with no traffic at all, which abound in the many abandoned banana farms which have closed to give way to the tourist development. One day the light dawned on me: The giant slide was already made! It was the many almost empty roads in Tenerife’s mountains. And the sledges were also there ready to be used: Bicycles! I just had to turn what was a Sunday outing with my kids into some commercially feasible tour. It took many trials and tests but finally the right course and the right type of bike was found, and in November 1999 we started doing the Rafting Bike almost as you can see it today, 18 years later. Doesn’t time fly???

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To make a reservation, just fill in the form at the bottom of this page or call us on local number (0034) 611490677. When booking we will agree to a pick up point that is convenient for you and a certain time when we will collect you, generally just outside your Hotel or Apt., with our minibus.